Tonight. Uptown.

Why is this guy yelling at me?
Yes, I know that team from up north has a game in the Dome tomorrow, but the college football season in New Orleans starts tonight.
If you’re a local, in town for LSU versus FSU, or Decadence, come on over to Tulane’s campus tonight at six to watch some football. You’ll still have plenty of time to stay up all night and play tourist on Bourbon Street. Wooooooooooooooo! That’s how you party. You yell, “Wooooooooooo!” That’s what I’ve learned in life.
I suppose there are even a few people in town that came to watch UMass play Tulane. That’s the people I want to see in the Quarter tonight. God speed Massachusettsans.
🆚: UMass | ⏰: 6:00 PM | 📍: Yulman Stadium | 📺: ESPN+
📻: 104.1 FM & @tulanegreenwave App | 🎟:

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