NFL Legend Praises Tulane Player

College National Champion, Super Bowl Champion, and Pro Football Hall of Famer Ed Reed, who went to Destrahan High School, retweeted the Tulane Equipment Twitter account. Tulane and Reed are both fans of Tulane Wide Receiver Jha’Quan Jackson‘s work ethic and civic mindedness. According to Tulane head coach Willie Fritz, Jackson frequently helps out the equipment staff by vacuuming the locker room. Reed retweeted and commented, “Love it nephew”.

There’s one other Reed/Tulane connection. Believe it or not, Reed was set on attending Tulane because they were the only team to recruit the 2 star player out of high school. That is, until the Miami Hurricanes wide receivers coach at the time offered him a scholarship. Who has that? Well, in one more twist, it was none other than former Saints wide receivers coach and former Tulane head coach Curtis Johnson.

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