Lestat Returns

A recommendation by Kevin Kolb

Tonight on AMC, you know, the channel you haven’t watched since Breaking Bad, the new series Interview With the Vampire premieres. For a minute the Mandela Effect had me thinking it is Interview With A Vampire, but I’m a little sleepy because I’m up early to watch the Saints in London. Don’t worry, I’ve got it straight now. It’s Interview with THE Vampire. Sex AND the City. Pascal’s Manale, not Pascal Manale’s.

You may have seen them filming around town, and from preliminary photos and trailers, they got the look of 1910 New Orleans spot-on. At least, from what I remember.

“How can you recommend this when you haven’t seen it yet?!”

I already know it’s worth watching. It’s either going to be the next big thing or it’s going to be a giant gumbo party. Either way, I can’t wait.

AMC is all in on the recently departed Rice. They also have Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches coming soon.

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