cars parked on the roadside near city buildings

We really are natives, despite the fact that we use the term NOLA. Trust us, we know what comes after, “Rosenberg’s, Rosenberg’s”… You just sang it. Didn’t ya?

We’ve been a Facebook page since July 27, 2009, but I feel like we’ve been around longer than that. Let me look… Yup, here’s the first version of the website I can find from November 21st 2007. It has a link to my MySpace page on it. So yes. That’s 15 years.

We are native New Orleanians, but everyone is welcome here. We try and stay on the light side of things but we will slap down a Falcons fan now and again. We hate ourselves for saying NOLA. -but at least we know where N.O., LA comes from.

NOLA Natives